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Beta Launch 🎉

Sailhouse’s beta has launched publically! Let’s break down what’s going on.

What does Beta mean?

This product is not production ready, the dashboard is incomplete, the CLI is missing key functionality. It’s a product for early adopters, feedback, tinkering, you name it.

Sailhouse is a platform focused on the developer experience, and the earliest we can get feedback from those developers, the better the platform will be.

Beta dashboard

What is Sailhouse?

Sailhouse is a pub/sub, event-driven platform designed for building modern applications. No need to manage infra, or address global scale, Sailhouse is building for the edge.

Why Sailhouse?

Let’s do a list.

  • Self healing topics, so no reason to leave your code while you’re building
  • Subscription filters, making consuming easy and reducing cost
  • Tools where you need them - Web Dashboard, CLI
  • Scale-to-zero usage, and no need to worry about infrastructure
  • Easy to use schemas, like really easy
  • Simple SDKs
  • Easily view current and historical events (on Sailhouse, we’re not a time machine)
  • Orange?

What is pub/sub?

Pub/Sub is a way of building applications to deliver a performant and reliable experience for your customers. Instead of doing all of your logic in a single request, you publish an event to let downstream subscribers do their thing.

Think ordering on an e-commerce platform, or processing heavy AI requests or background image processing.

Soooo, what can I do?

Get sending events.

No seriously, get on it. We’ve got docs to get you off the ground, a discussions board on GitHub to offer feedback, a CLI to install, a dashboard to tinker with.

What’s the pricing?

Throughout the Beta - no cost (bearing in mind reasonable usage).

As a platform, the feedback is the most important benefit at this point in time. Naturally when we fully launch, an extremely fair pricing model will be introduced. Money isn’t free anymore, got to start somewhere.

Okay, anything else?


Head over to the dashboard to create an account and get started.

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