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Sailhouse 1.0 🎉

Sailhouse is leaving beta!

A lot has happened in that time, a lot hasn’t either. The beta was a focus on reliability and scale. We will have a blog post up soon on our engineering internals - including dashboards and a peak at some load tests, but we’ve made huge strides here.

Introduction of pricing

As the beta comes to an end, so does the free aspect of the platform. Never say never to it coming back, but we’re focused on setting up Sailhouse to be a sustainable business.

Let’s go over our tiers:

  • Starter - $9/month
  • Scaler - $29/month
  • Pro - $99/month

Sailhouse is also enterprise ready - with global scale and reliability, so we often custom plans on top of those tiers.

The tiers are usage based, with very generous grading - 100,000 events for Starter, 1,000,000 for Scaler and 100,000,000 for Pro. These give huge scope for building an enormous application without having to reach out to sales.

Going forwards

Public roadmap

With the platform graduating from its beta stage, we’re also introducing and committing to a public roadmap.

We’re focused on delivering features that impact the day-to-day, with strong infra-as-code offerings with solutions like Terraform and improving observability within our platform. There’s also plenty of features to make building your applications even easier on the way.

You can view the roadmap anytime here.

Public changelog

To make it easy to see the changes to Sailhouse as they happen, we’ve also launched a public changelog which is updated weekly with the latest platform changes.

Progress of the beta

The beta was a great opportunity for the platform to leap forward while sustaining real-world usage. Some of the highlights

Improvements to our edge network

One of the key goals of the beta was seeing real usage and how it affected our platform. Prime example is dealing with bursts as opposed to long-running load tests. To this effect, we’ve engineered some strong caching in our edge locations, which will help us ride out the bumps and ensure stability for all our users.

This is an area we’re constantly working on, and will have more to share soon on some of the engineering here.

Dashboard usability

The stability and usability of the dashboard has taken leaps and bounds throughout this period. We’ve introduced a light guided onboarding to help people get up to speed, and introduced more analytics throughout the application to better understand your utilisation.

Again, an area we’re really focusing on in the near term is levelling up this even more!

Status page

Now we’ve transitioned out of our beta period, we’re committing to providing a service you can depend on. Any issues, regardless of severity, effecting the core components of Sailhouse will be visible on our status page.

Sailhouse's status page

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